Saturday, July 6, 2013

Busy Boy

I think the one word that would describe Desmond these days is ACTIVE!  From the moment he wakes up it's guaranteed that he won't stop moving until it's time for a nap.  All day long he is on the move, crawling, pulling up, investigating, roaming, just going going going.
The only thing that will make him pause, at least for a few minutes, is if you run your fingers along his arms, legs, and around his face.  It's like it paralyzes him, until he realizes what you're doing...trying to get him to rest for a moment, so that really you can rest for a moment...and then he snaps out of it and makes a break for it.
But he doesn't mind being held as long as your moving.  When Jordan comes home from being out at meetings and work, Desmond loves to be held by him and paraded around the house.  He always has the silliest grin on his face the whole time.  And when we're at the mall he prefers being on your hip than in his stroller.  And not with a sling or carrier...he wants to be free moving.  Boy is it a workout lugging this boy around!  
It's funny to observe when he decides to dish out his smiles and who he will share them with.  Some people work so hard at it and all they get is a stare, while others seem to just light up his face the moment he sees them.  And it doesn't seem to matter if he knows them or if they are a complete stranger.  
He recently discovered even more of what his hands can do and clapping and high fives are a major part of his day.  And when they're not doing those things, they're constantly in his mouth.
We haven't moved on to walking yet, but I think it's getting ever closer, which really terrifies me, as every day is filled with at least a couple of topples and major melt downs.
Hearing him laugh is still one of my favorite things ever.  It just helps to melt the day away.  He has the cutest little grin, but it mostly comes out just before he attempts to do something he knows he's not supposed to.  There's always a pause, a look back to see who's watching, and then comes that smile when you've made eye-contact...only quickly to turn around and try to get away with whatever his little mind was thinking to do.
He can really be a ham sometimes...
I just love my little family and all of the ways Desmond has changed us for the better in these past 9 months!