Thursday, January 17, 2013


...months have gone by.  And we're quickly approaching the fourth!
I was just at a baby shower the other night and everyone was going around giving words of advice to the Mom-to-be.  The thing that came up the most -- savor every moment because it all goes so quickly.  Boy is it true.
(1 Month)
I know some of you are probably laughing as you read that with your kids going off to college or having children of their own, and you're thinking, "She really has no idea..."
Which is precisely why I'm doing just that.  Savoring every moment.  At least trying my hardest to.  I still go in his room every night before I go to bed and place my hand gently on his chest just to feel him breathe.  I am just so amazed at the gift of life and this little guy God has given us!
(2 Months)
I, like every Mom, have had my ups and downs, good days and bad days, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I find that with every relationship we have in life we seem to learn more about ourselves, more about God, and the ways in which all of it is so connected.  I've never known such unconditional love until now.  I know I know, it's all so new and exciting.  But seriously, when you have a day where your kid learns to throw his first full fledged temper-tantrum and decides to do it all day long, and then at the end of the day gives you that big gummy smile that just melts your heart, you know that love very well.  
The first few months were definitely blissful, getting to hold this tiny little baby and just stare at him with such awe and wonder, but with each new stage, and each new month he becomes more and more fun.  Discovering the kind of little boy he's gonna be, watching him do things for the first time, and hearing the best sound in the world -- baby giggles, ahh I just can't get enough and I'm so excited for more!
(3 Months)
He is a very determined little boy, I can see that already.  He's strong and loving and is quite the deep thinker.  
So far his favorite things seem to be things dangling above his head, music, and flashing lights.  He loves to talk and wakes up doing it.  He sleeps through the night (I know, I'm blessed) and almost makes it through the grocery store without crying.  It's a very overwhelming place.
He's quite popular every where we go, and all of the kids at church love him.  For most of them, he's the first white baby they've ever seen and they find everything about him fascinating.  Life as a Mom has already taught me many things and I plan on going more in depth in the future.  For now...we're just trying to get up to speed.  Those first few months definitely go by in a blur!   

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

When Madea & Papa Came to Visit

I would have to say the highlight of Desmond's first month was definitely having my Mom and Dad around for 10 glorious, but all too short, days!
Words cannot express how amazing it was to have them here and see them with their first grandchild.  It's tough even writing this now, so I'm glad there's a little distance from their visit or I'd probably be a blubbering fool typing this.
Desmond was already fast asleep when they got in but we couldn't help but all stare at him for just a little bit with such awe and amazement.  The next morning Desmond and I were up early with the sun, as was my Dad, with great anticipation to finally get to hold him.
It was love from the start.  I think the cycle is that children leave there parents and cleave to their spouse only to then give their parents grandchildren.  Just as Jordan became the new top man in my life,  I can easily see I've been replaced.  My Dad is so excited about being a Papa and Desmond is surely the apple of his eye.    

Soon after, the rest of the house was up and at em and looking forward to all of the time we had together with this sweet little boy!
Our days were filled exactly as they should have been - barely leaving the house and just enjoying each other's company.  Although my Dad and Jordan did do some paling around together as Jordan still had some duties to fulfill.
We had short little windows throughout our day dealing with Desmond's schedule, jetlag, and my Mom trying to get used to the heat.  We were all pretty much on the same schedule eat, sleep, eat, sleep...
But we did get out with just enough time to capture some pics to remember those early days of his life and our time together.
Having a kid has definitely made the distance harder.  But I'm thankful for parents who have assured me that no matter the distance they will always be a part of our lives and that Desmond will grow up knowing who his Madea and Papa are and how much they love him.  Our job is to do what God has called us to do and we will make the most of the time we're given.  I'm continually thankful for technology and the ability to talk to them and send pictures.  But we're all definitely looking forward to a time when we will get to be together again, and there is a lot of family that still needs to meet this guy!  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Finding our Rhythm

Whew.  That was a long break.  It was forced really.  My computer bit the dust right when Desmond was born, but there's part of me that believes the timing was serendipitous.  I managed to remain connected to the world via my i-phone, but there's only so much you can do with that small of a screen.   The break was quite welcomed.  It gave me, us, time to all figure each other out and just spend our days living.  I'm ready to get back to blogging as we're finding our way as a family, but hoping to strike that good balance with it all.  We're excited for what 2013 holds for us and the fresh start that comes with a new season of life.  So these next few posts will catch you up on what all we've been up to these past three months and the way we ended out our year.  It's good to be back!