Sunday, June 9, 2013

6, 7, 8

Um...a lot of time has passed.  We are now closer to the one year mark than we are those early newborn stages.  Whoa!

So let's do a little review.  We'll have to back up to month 6...
These are just the camera shots.  The I-Phone really tells the story better.
Favorite toy has always been Yoda.
He is present for every nap, bedtime, and scary situation.

We've sampled all kinds of yummy foods.  Favorites have been squash, zucchini, sweet potatoes, pears,  and broccoli with spinach.  Tolerates oatmeal if it's masked by mostly fruit.  Despises Bananas and avocado even though he ate them both initially.  Newly he has loved lentils, quinoa, and chicken, but hates eggs.
We celebrated Easter with friends.
Did our best to look like Dad.
Got our work out on with Mom.
Became ready for travel, but unfortunately have the worst passport picture ever.
Welcomed our second guest.
and...Had our first accident with a fat lip to prove it.  

Month 7...
Teeth started poking through in month 6, but they definitely became more prominent here.

First haircut.
Mastered sitting and crawling.
Welcomed another guest.
Stood up in his crib.
 Visited the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial.
 Made lots of new friends.
and..Went to our first wedding.

Month 8...
It gets harder and harder to get a picture of this guy.  The good part of that is...I have less to look through.  I just always hope I at least get a few.  
It's hard to do anything during his waking hours now.  Always roaming and exploring and using everything to pull up on.
We also have two top teeth poking through and I'm guessing any day now they will show themselves fully.  I wonder how that will change his little smile.  Eek!  I'm excited.  HA!  It's the little things.

Naps seem to not be a requirement all of the time and he thinks he can power through the day without them.  We're definitely passed the stages of not being able to go anywhere for very long, which is way nice.  We love going to the market on Sundays and frequenting the malls from time to time.  He's quite admired wherever we go, and eventually I think I'm gonna have to find ways to counter that.  He can't grow up being so adored.  It's the blonde hair and blue eyes.  They're a rarity here.  But it makes him love the Filipinos more!

He's just growing so fast and I can't believe he's already 8 months old!